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Flourishing Ideas

It would be fun to pay attention to the cut-flowers. Don’t let one flower from a bouquet go to waste immediately because you can still take some measures to make your flowers last longer for long interior decoration. Flowers bring colour to a room; so follow these simple tips and for a long time have these blooms.

Guide and Tips to Care Flowers:

Clean your Vase

Keeping your water vase clean will stop the formation of bacteria and viruses which can destroy your cut flowers one by one. You don’t want to leave your vase to air dry but properly clean it, because these bacteria and viruses will invade another collection of your new bouquets in no time. A quarter of warm water can be used to purify the vase.

Change Water Regularly.

Always change the water in your vase every now and then. It is important to maintain a good amount of water so that the flowers stay fresh and prevent drying and wilting. Changing water also prevents the creation of a horrible, rotting odour.
Clean and Healthy Water.
Add some sugar to the water of your flower vase. This helps nourish the flowers and improves the opening of blooms. Add a small amount of vinegar or lemon and then mix well. This helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses and keeps your flowers fresher for a longer period.
Remove lower leaves
Remove the leaves of your cut flowers to prevent any to touch the water. If leaves have been dried, remove them as soon as you notice them, before putting the flowers back in the vase. This helps the fresh stems absorb water more easily and better.
Use sharf knife to cut
Avoid using a dull object to cut the stems, as this can damage the tissue and prevent the flowers from absorbing water. Also, when cutting the bottom end of the shaft, take one inch or two off at an angle when underwater.