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Things our Customers Say
Lizzy Hill

2 months ago

Amazing lady! Such a lovely florist. She helped me with a small order for a very special day when no one else in the area was interested/open. Personal and professional and the flowers were wonderful. She went above and beyond to make sure I had the freshest flowers.
Mike Colquhoun

5 months ago

This is the go to florist for me in the area. Kika is very happy to help with even the smallest of requests. The flowers are fresh & elegant and delivered tastefully wrapped with a stylish flair. Check out the options on the website. Recommended!
Mariya Trifonova

a year ago

Belle de Jour team Kika, Tim and Bob have been looking after our garden for few months now. Kika and Tim did an amazing job and I am really proud of our little garden. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about going home every day and looking after the plants….
Tom Anderson-Dixon

a year ago

Incredible arrangements coupled with truly fantastic service. I highly recommend them!


Being in love is the most delightful feeling in the world. With love, there is peace, unity, and joy. Love is an indescribable thing that makes a person crazy about. According to the ancient Greeks, there are eight different types of love, to wit: unconditional, romantic, affectionate, self, familiar, enduring, playful, and obsessive. Have you thought which among these types do you have?
Regardless of which type of love we feel, we must be able to express this love to everyone around us. There are lots of ways to convey our feelings to others. A famous quote stipulates, “Action is better than words.” There are people who feel loved most when it is being shown through actions. Actions may be in a form of hugs and kisses, through rendering service, or even by just simply giving flowers.
Although it is a fact that a flower withers but the happiness it gives remains for a lifetime. In giving flowers, you must choose a flower shop that offers fresh flowers, and that is the Bedminster flower shop. Bedminster flower shop is equipped with fresh lovely Bedminster flowers with impeccable Bedminster florist and Bedminster delivery service.
Located on the Southside of the city and was once a small town in Somerset, Bedminster is a district in Bristol, England. In the 1800s, it became an industrial capital because of the coal’s discovery beneath the ground. One of the most notable historical events of Bedminster was during World War II, in which the city was severely hit in an airstrike. After such a nightmare, Bedminster slowly woke up and rose until it becomes a wonderful city again. Now, Bedminster is a paradise for people who love shopping a lot.

One of the shops that can be found in Bedminster is the Bedminster flower shop named, Belle de Jour Florist. The Bedminster flower shop is home to proficient and experienced Bedminster florist. Bedminster flower shop is a paradise for Bedminster flowers of various types. Anyone who adores flowers would love the Bedminster florist flower shop. The Bedminster florist flower shop offers satisfaction to customers as it compromises to client’s demands with regard to Bedminster flowers.

The team of Bedminster florist is capable enough of delivering high-quality Bedminster flowers and extraordinary services. Thus, if you want to express the type of love you have, the Bedminster florist flower shop is the best for you. With the existence of smartphones nowadays and other technology, Bedminster florist is now a second away from you through the Bedminster delivery.
Using your phone, just sound them up if you want your flowers to be transported through Bedminster delivery. The Bedminster delivery fee would only cost you £6.99 on top of the price of Bedminster flowers. The Bedminster florist is more than willing enough to help you with the flower arrangement you prefer and the kind of Bedminster flowers you want to have.
If you also like to have a flowering plant, Bedminster flower shop also has that and Bedminster delivery can also deliver such a plant. With regard to bouquets, the Bedminster florist also has a special offer for you. The Bedminster flower shop has discounted bouquets which only cost from £29.99 to £69.99. These bouquets include Indulgence, Jewel, Lemon Sizzle, Luxury two Dozen White Roses, Mixed Roses, Timeless Whites, White Lily, and Wild about You.

These bouquet options come with a beautiful arrangement and presentation that you will surely love. With these Bedminster flowers, you can already have a luxury flower type. Just request everything to the Bedminster florist and the team will surely make it best for you. Yes, a flower indeed fades but the pleasure it gives stays forever.

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