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Things our Customers Say
Lizzy Hill

2 months ago

Amazing lady! Such a lovely florist. She helped me with a small order for a very special day when no one else in the area was interested/open. Personal and professional and the flowers were wonderful. She went above and beyond to make sure I had the freshest flowers.
Mike Colquhoun

5 months ago

This is the go to florist for me in the area. Kika is very happy to help with even the smallest of requests. The flowers are fresh & elegant and delivered tastefully wrapped with a stylish flair. Check out the options on the website. Recommended!
Mariya Trifonova

a year ago

Belle de Jour team Kika, Tim and Bob have been looking after our garden for few months now. Kika and Tim did an amazing job and I am really proud of our little garden. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about going home every day and looking after the plants….
Tom Anderson-Dixon

a year ago

Incredible arrangements coupled with truly fantastic service. I highly recommend them!


Beauty. It is what it takes to give intense pleasure and satisfaction to the mind. There is so much beauty around us. There is beauty in the eyes of a new-born baby first seeing the light. There is beauty in a single raindrop touching a leaf. There is beauty in the bee sipping nectar on flowers. There is beauty on a flower itself.
Flowers. Small. Medium. Large. No matter what’s its size, it gives pleasure to the mind. Flowers ease a cluttered mind. Flowers sharpen a dull and dry place. Flowers brighten someone’s mood. Want to free minds? Decorate a place? Lighten one’s mood? Why not send Chew Stoke flowers?

Chew Stoke flowers are best mind-setting. Chew Stoke flowers are good for decorating. Chew Stoke flowers are really great to perk someone’s mood up. Chew Stoke flowers are simply Chew Stoke flowers. Not any other flower.

Chew Stoke. Chew Stoke is a village in Somerset, England. It is located about 8 miles or 13 kilometers south of Bristol, 12 miles or 19 kilometers west of Bath, and 10 miles or 16 kilometers north of Wells. It stands at the northern end of Chew Valley Lake. This settlement is surrounded by fertile and arable farmlands just on the Chew Valley floor.
Floor. Chew Stoke flowers are mostly getting enough water supply due to its location. On the Chew Valley floor. Since England has a mild climate, it is way understood that Chew Stoke has a cool climate as well. This location, plus the climate, equals good Chew Stoke flower quality.

Chew Stoke flower shop is always making sure that their Chew Stoke flowers are always ready, anytime, anywhere you want them to be delivered. Yes, delivered right to your door. Chew Stoke flower delivery services are on the go. Chew Stoke flower shop always makes sure that their delivery service is easy to tick, easy to get.

With an influx of Chew Stoke populace in the current survey, Chew Stoke business industry is about to burst. And with Chew Stoke’s advance technology, Chew Stoke is about to even rise higher. Such has created a higher demand in Chew Stoke flower industry as well. Such has created a massive stream of flower deliveries around Bristol and Bath belt, and United Kingdom as a whole.
Considered as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, Chew Stoke has beauty reflected through their homes, their gardens, their culture, their people, their crops, and their flowers.

Chew Stoke florists, with the mix of their Chew Stoke flower-caring tips, will astound Chew Stoke Flower Shop patrons. Truly, a Chew Stoke flower form Chew Stoke flower shop is a thing of beauty.

In the present times where online marketing is a trending fad, Chew Stoke flower shop is in the frontline. Chew Stoke flower shop has been serving patrons for years now. They are still looking forward to serving even better with the Chew Stoke flower delivery service. This Chew Stoke flower delivery service serves as an extension of Chew Stoke flower shop to your homes. That is, mesmerizing beauty from the hands of Chew Stoke florists to your doors.
There are other flower shops out there. But what makes Chew Stoke flower shop unique is Chew Stoke florists work for long-lasting Chew Stoke flowers. These Chew Stoke flowers are garden-fresh and are always hand-selected and hand-gathered by expert Chew Stoke florists. Plus, their Chew Stoke flowers are beautifully arranged by their talented Chew Stoke florists. Just like their white lilies entwined with the vibrant colors of their red roses done with Chew Stoke florists’ extra care are sent with abiding love. These baskets are just examples of Chew Stoke florists’ exquisite taste.
Beauty is just around the bend. It might just be in the eye of the person next to you now. It might be in the warmth of the embrace of a loved one. It might be in the smile of a person whom you have sent Chew Stoke flowers fresh from the hands of artistic Chew Stoke florists. That is a thing of beauty. But, beauty is only ours to tell. It is for you to feel.
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