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Things our Customers Say
Lizzy Hill

2 months ago

Amazing lady! Such a lovely florist. She helped me with a small order for a very special day when no one else in the area was interested/open. Personal and professional and the flowers were wonderful. She went above and beyond to make sure I had the freshest flowers.
Mike Colquhoun

5 months ago

This is the go to florist for me in the area. Kika is very happy to help with even the smallest of requests. The flowers are fresh & elegant and delivered tastefully wrapped with a stylish flair. Check out the options on the website. Recommended!
Mariya Trifonova

a year ago

Belle de Jour team Kika, Tim and Bob have been looking after our garden for few months now. Kika and Tim did an amazing job and I am really proud of our little garden. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about going home every day and looking after the plants….
Tom Anderson-Dixon

a year ago

Incredible arrangements coupled with truly fantastic service. I highly recommend them!


Belle de Jour Florist flower Delivery in Clifton.

Arts. This is an imaginative or creative use of one’s skill in creating aesthetic work of beauty. It can be crafted by a human hand. But the best are those found in nature. Just those things that give us a sting of great awe. The rays from the sun reflecting on our eyes in the early morning is such an art. The sight of the sun kissing the horizon as it sets is a magnificent one. These are just some wondrous nature art.

Art can also be handcrafted. People with such great skill is really gifted. Only a few can capture a faint smile of a mother seeing her first newborn. Only a few can picture-paint the happiness of a groom awaiting his bride walking down the aisle. Only those really artists are good at putting those wonderful moments on canvass. Yet, Bristol has them.

Really. Bristol has great artists. Clifton, to be specific, is a village where artists are born. It is where works of art are a normal sight. Clifton people are really good at making ordinary things extraordinary through their art. Homes. Clothing. Body accessories. Garden landscapes. Flowers.

Flowers, Birthday present,  bridal flowers, name them, Clifton flower shop has them. Clifton flower shop does not just have ordinary Clifton florists. Clifton flower shop has the best florists in the city, the Clifton florists.

Clifton is an inner suburb situated to the west of Bristol, England. Clifton, as recorded in the Domesday book, is called Clipstone. It means a ‘hillside settlement’. Clifton is just within the outskirts of the city of Bristol. Clifton will take approximately 10 minutes to travel to Bristol to cover the 3 kilometers or 2 miles’ distance, considering the usual traffic in the city. And, it is one of the most visited villages in the city of Bristol.

Clifton has some of the most beautiful shopping quarters in Bristol City. It has famous restaurants, bizarre pubs, glamorous boutiques, and flower shops. It has Clifton Flower Shop.

Clifton flower shop provides flower arrangement deals on any occasion. From weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or even funerals, Clifton flower shop would give you wonderful flower decorations. Clifton florists are artists in nature. Clifton florists are detail-oriented. These Clifton florists can clearly visualize your ideal flower decoration. Just give Clifton florists your impossible idea, Clifton florists would concretize them. That is how efficient Clifton florists are.

Clifton flower shop is noted and known for its Clifton flower baskets and their Clifton flower hatboxes. Their Clifton flower baskets and hatboxes range from small, medium, and large sizes. These Clifton flower baskets and Clifton flower hatboxes are always made available by their Clifton florists. Once you give a call, the Clifton flower shop will do the rest. They have efficient and time-oriented Clifton flower delivery service crew always ready to carefully drop your flowers right on your doorstep.

Truly, Clifton has an amazingly beautiful nature art. One is the majestic Royal York Crescent. It is one of the famous terraces in Clifton. The exhibit of the Antlers Gallery in 2010, Grotesques, proves that Clifton is an artist in nature.

Art is as diverse as the many colors of a picture. It may just be an expression of one’s imagination.  It may be a work of history. And, it may be a way of expressing one’s feelings of love, happiness, and grief. Art, truly, is the best way to express what words can’t say.

That is the concept of the Clifton flower shop. Clifton florists incorporate art with all their knowledge of their own Clifton flowers. This alone makes Clifton flower shop the most wanted. This alone makes Clifton flower delivery service always on the go.

Clifton flower shop in the village of Clifton has utilized its historic landscape to be a physical fabric of the present suburb. Clifton flower shop’s magnificent flower arrangements are seemingly an inexplicable work of art.

So make a ring now. And Clifton flower shop, with Clifton florists and Clifton flower delivery service, will make you bling.

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