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Things our Customers Say
Lizzy Hill

2 months ago

Amazing lady! Such a lovely florist. She helped me with a small order for a very special day when no one else in the area was interested/open. Personal and professional and the flowers were wonderful. She went above and beyond to make sure I had the freshest flowers.
Mike Colquhoun

5 months ago

This is the go to florist for me in the area. Kika is very happy to help with even the smallest of requests. The flowers are fresh & elegant and delivered tastefully wrapped with a stylish flair. Check out the options on the website. Recommended!
Mariya Trifonova

a year ago

Belle de Jour team Kika, Tim and Bob have been looking after our garden for few months now. Kika and Tim did an amazing job and I am really proud of our little garden. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about going home every day and looking after the plants….
Tom Anderson-Dixon

a year ago

Incredible arrangements coupled with truly fantastic service. I highly recommend them!


Life is what we make it. It is either how we see things – either we see the negative or the positive side of things. Same as there are always two possible results of everything we do. Same as there are always two possible things we can do with our feelings and emotions. It is either we suppress it or we express it.

Expressing what we feel may sometimes be a very big challenge to some. Expressing our regrets, sympathy and even love-at-first-sight are just some of those quite uneasy things to express.

Yet, we can ease the burden of expressing our feelings by giving presents – a box of chocolates, a huggable teddy, or a flower bouquet.

The last one seems to be the most appropriate. It can be applicable for expressing congratulations, wishes, regrets, sympathy, I-like-you, and will-you-marry-me sort of things. Flowers are for all occasions, for all celebrations. Especially if those are from Frampton Cotterell flower shop.

Frampton Cotterell flower shop is at Frampton Cotterell in the south of Gloucestershire. Frampton Cotterell is about 8 miles from the city of Bristol and sits in the commuter belt. Their location makes Frampton Cotterell a commuter village because of its easy access to the neighboring countryside making it possible for the boon of Frampton Cotterell flower shop. This location of the village itself makes it possible for Frampton flower delivery service to have easy access to nearby settlements. It gives Frampton Cotterell flower delivery service team to hand fresh Frampton Cotterell flowers on the same day.

Frampton Cotterell has a great variety of cottages of modern and century-old architectural designs and makes Frampton Cotterell a nice place to stay. What adds more beauty to the place is the grand flower gardens of the cottages, the home of Frampton Cotterell flowers.

The abundance of beautiful Frampton Cotterell flowers made rise to the Frampton Cotterell flower shop. Frampton Cotterell flower shop is in the heart of Frampton Cotterell where fresh Frampton Cotterell flowers are always on the go. Frampton Cotterell flower shop offers services for any occasion, for whatever celebration. Frampton Cotterell flower shop is open to serve those who are seeking flowers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, table centerpieces, and any other decorations needed.

Life may sometimes give us hectic schedules that we sometimes even find it bothersome to greet and meet those people who have much effect on our lives. This alone is a reason why Frampton Cotterell flower shop offers its new service to its clients – the Frampton Cotterell flower delivery service. Frampton Cotterell flower delivery service has an order-now-deliver-now scheme. With the ease of access via B4058 and the M32/M4 motorways, Frampton Cotterell flower delivery service of Frampton Cotterell flower shop is just around the bend.

Flowers from Frampton Cotterell are grown within the village gardens. These Frampton Cotterell flowers are nourished diligently by Frampton settlers and homeowners. Frampton Cotterell flowers have fully bloomed with the right temperature and the right soil nutrients of Frampton Cotterell village.

Clients of Frampton Cotterell flower shop are better more satisfied with the services rendered by the Frampton Cotterell florists and Frampton Cotterell flower delivery service. The Frampton Cotterell florists and Frampton Cotterell flower delivery service guarantee you an elegant and stunning flower arrangement that suits your need.

Being artistic is a skill. But Frampton Cotterell florists are masters in making magnificent flower arrangements that would leave your jaw hanging. Frampton Cotterell florists make sure that the Frampton Cotterell flowers you are needing plus the atmosphere you are feeling are entwined into one whole artwork of Frampton Cotterell florists.

Frampton Cotterell florists give you its fierce way of expressing your ‘crazy in love’ or ‘wild about you’ feeling. For a more dramatic effect, Frampton Cotterell florists have their best ‘sweet memories’ and ‘amazing beauty’ flowers just for your special someone.

No matter what life brings, no matter where life takes us, Frampton flower shop with skilled Frampton Cotterell florists would surely make our special someone feel loved always.

With Frampton florists, it is truly life at its best.

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