Factual Promise

Flowers by Our Florist
Over the decade, our florists learned about flower designs and arrangements. We promise that they are professional florists who will give you the highest service which will please and attract our customers. We make beautiful corporate floral arrangements at Bloom de Jour Florists, creating the ideal place for yourself, friends, employers, customers and staff alike. You may need a big point of focus in your reception, or a discreet chic design. Whatever your needs, Belle de Jour Florists will make excellent arrangements for Flowers or Plants.
Guaranteed Fresh and Clean
We promise to get our flowers daily from our trusted suppliers who deliver premium flowers of the highest quality. We introduced ourselves to being the finest flower shop to provide you with the No.1 flowers you need. Flowers are 100 percent fresh and clean assured to be delivered right outside your door. If you think anything less, then we’ll help you until the flowers please you.
Delivery with a Smile
Bloom de Jour Florist is committed to supplying our clients with the best flowers in nearby Bristol towns and cities. We’re keeping our delivery concise and efficient the same day. We have a professional delivery guy, so when delivering your orders, we make sure he always wears a smile on his face. We have customers with longstanding, dedicated flower contracts and are proud of our operation. Should you ever have a problem then we promise you we are going to pop up and resolve it with a smile for you.
Customer Care and Satisfaction
We love helping and supporting all of our clients with their problems and difficulties. We will do our utmost to make sure our customers are happy and pleased because we love our work, and we love our customers too. If you have any concerns about flowers that you have bought from us, just call us at 0117 329 4350 or email us at info@bloomdejour.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help with that.
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